The thoroughly professional children's entertainment company, providing fully interactive parties for children aged 4–11 in and around Sussex.

"Friendly, accommodating, efficient, punctual, polite, entertaining and involving are just some of the words I would use! My 6 year old daughter and her 20 friends loved the just 4 kids disco. The parents had a blast as too!" ~ A. Tate, Hove

With many years experience, Just 4 Kids Disco's offers parents a fully organised experience with dance routines, games, competitions and prizes, led by our committed assistants and co-ordinators.

How are we different?

We not only provide child-friendly equipment and thoroughly screened music, but our party co-ordinators and assistants are what truly set us apart from the rest.

Every song has a dance-routine that our assistants demonstrate from in front of the disco, whilst our co-ordinator takes charge of the microphone to lead children in games and competitions.

By keeping the party guests active at all times, we create a dynamic and exciting environment that keeps children's attention from start to finish.

You provide the venue, this can be a church hall, community centre, village hall, even your own home - if you've got the space, we've got the disco!
Party Agenda
A normal disco consists of an hour of dance routines, fun games and competitions followed by suitable music while the guests break to eat (refreshments are provided by you). After the break we play pass the parcel (depending upon age) then it's more routines, followed by Grab-a-Grown-up for some old classics!
N.B. We also cater for school discos and feel we can provide children with a unique school disco experience.
The cost of a 2 hour party is £145 (plus travel expenses if necessary) Which includes the cost of all prizes and pass the parcel which we provide.
Other Info
We aim tailor each disco to suit the birthday person and their guests (There is no limit to the number of guests invited). Parties are very different at each end of the age range and if children have specific songs or games they wish to play, we will do our best to incorporate them upon request. We can also adapt our parties to suit the needs of children with physical or learning difficulties. Our parties are suitable for boys and girls - the rumour that boys don't dance is not true! We will not tolerate discrimination or prejudice of any kind. All music played is thoroughly screened and we will not play songs we deem unsuitable for children.

Although the safety and well-being of the children is a priority to our staff at all times, responsibility for supplying adequate supervision and venue lies solely with the party organiser.

Just 4 Kids Disco's has public liability insurance and all staff undergo an Enhanced CRB Check before starting work.

All our equipment is PAT tested.

Alongside the prizes supplied, we also provide small sweets and chocolates for use during games and competitions. We cannot guarantee these products are completely nut-free and they may contain animal products. It is advisable for you to check with parents beforehand regarding this matter and let us know if they are unsuitable for your guests.

Our staff are not responsible for escorting young children to the bathroom and organisers are advised to keep watch over outer doors at all times

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To book a party or for more information please phone or email Stephanie via means listed above — we would be happy to hear from you!